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Custom T-Shirt Printing With Free Shipping to Saginaw, TX

Make your own custom t-shirt at a low price.

  • Personalized Shirts for the Perfect Price

    I know that the “perfect” price is debatable, but we offer very fair and affordable pricing for custom shirts. First, we don’t require any minimums, so you’re not forced to buy additional shirts if you just want a few. Second, we don’t charge any setup fees! Order in bulk can also net you a fine discounted price per shirt, so there are lots of ways to save money with Custom Tees.

  • Save on Time with Our Easy-to-use Online T-Shirt Designer

    One other cost that comes with making a custom t-shirt is not a monetary cost, but a practical one. It can take a lot of time to come up with a good-looking design and ready it in the correct format for t-shirt printing. You can actually save a lot of time using our intuitive online t-shirt designer. This online tool features a ton of premade art template, vector art, and font styles to quickly create a professional-looking t-shirt design. What’s even better is that all the art built into this tool is already set to be printed, so you don’t have to worry about tweaking the design afterwards.

  • Free Shipping to Saginaw, TX

    And there’s yet another way to save money, and that’s free shipping! Yes, we offer free shipping to Saginaw! No surprise shipping charges from us!

  • The Numerous Ways to Make a Custom Tee

    We offer three main methods of printing at Custom Tees: Direct to Garment, Vinyl Printing, and Screen Printing. Our Direct to Garment (or DTG) printer works a lot like an inkjet printer you might have at home. This relatively new technology is capable of printing full-color prints at no extra cost, making for some really nice, high-detail prints. If you’re looking for a sharper, bolder look, Vinyl printing can make small color designs really stand out. And if you’re ordering in bulk, Screen Printing is the traditional method of printing mass quantities of shirts. You can’t go wrong with any of our methods, and we’ll choose the best one to suit your needs!

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