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The CustomTees Ordering Process

So you’ve got a super cool custom piece of art that you want to proudly display on a t-shirt? We can help you with that! The process of ordering a custom-printed shirt from CustomTees is very simple! Request a quote, make a payment, review the art, and, boom, we’re ready to start printing!

Things to Know Ahead of Time

If you’re not sure where to start with your custom t-shirt, we can help you from square one, but if you do have an idea of what you want, we can get to the printing process started sooner if you keep the following things in mind when you start your order. The more detailed you are, the faster you’ll have your finished t-shirt in your hands!

How many shirts will you need? 

The more you order, the cheaper per shirt it gets!

Keep in mind, we have a minimum order of 24 shirts for Screen Printing. If you want fewer shirts than that, we can print your shirt using Vinyl or Direct to Garment (DTG).

What kind of shirts do you want?

Do you want any particular brand or shirt style? Gildan Heavy Cotton? Next Level 3600? A Polo or Hoodie maybe? Maybe you want to provide your own shirts for printing. That’s cool, too!

What sizes do you need? 2XL and up cost a little bit more per shirt due to the extra materials, and if you’ve got Youth sizes mixed with Adult sizes, we’ll have to discuss how you want your design sized for both of them.

What color shirt do you want? Tell us what you want your design on and we’ll let you know what’s in stock.

What do you want on your shirts?

This can be the trickiest part of the process: the design.

Let us know how many colors are in your design. The number of colors not only lets us determine a price, but the printing method as well.

It’s very important that you provide us with a clean, high-resolution image file of your design. We can make minor touch-ups, but if the image you provide us isn’t high enough quality, there’s not much we can do!

Here are some tips on providing us the best design file:

If you don’t have a design ready, you can always create one right through your browser with our online t-shirt creation tool.

Making an Order

There are 2 main ways to order: through our online designer or requesting a quote.

Instant Online Order Request a Quote

The simplest process.

If you already know exactly what you want, you can use our web-based t-shirt designer.

The more detailed process.

If you want to check the pricing on a potential order, have specialty requests not available through the online t-shirt designer, or need more personal communication, you can request a quote by calling, emailing, or submitting a request right through this webpage.

Create the art with the online designer or upload your own artwork and choose the shirt and sizes.

Once you submit your request, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a personal message, and you can let us know if you want to move forward with the order.

You’ll get an instant quote, and you can make and pay for the order right then and there.

We’ll do a free artwork review to ensure your design looks its best once printed on a t-shirt.

We’ll print it and ship it to you (or you can come to the store and pick it up).

If you’ve got any questions or special requests, this is how to get answers!

Good for when you know exactly what you want. We can get started on your order as soon as you submit it.

Good for more detailed requests, specialty printing, meeting specific deadlines, and any other questions you might have. A more hands-on approach.

The Ordering Process

1. Request a Quote

Once you’ve got a good idea of what kind of shirt you want, let us know and we can determine a price for you. You can send us an email, give us a call, or put in a request right through this very website. If you’ve got answers for all those questions above, we’ll be able to quickly respond with a price that’s right for you!

2. Review the Quote

We’ll send you a quote and patiently wait for your response. If you’re on a budget, let us know and we can work with it to meet your needs. Once you’re satisfied with the price, we’ll send you an invoice for the final quote.

3. Place the Order

You can pay your invoice online or in person. After we receive the payment, we can start working on the artwork you’ve provided us.

4. Review the Artwork Proof

After you’ve completed the payment and we have your design in hand, we’ll create a mock up of what the design will look like on the t-shirt of your choice. This is called a “proof,” I guess to prove to you that your design will look awesome on a tee. We’ll send you the digital artwork proof via e-mail.

Go over the proof very carefully, ensuring that the size and placement is correct and that there are no typos or art errors. Let us know if anything needs to be changed, as this is your last chance to ensure that the design is correct. Once we move on to the production process, it’s very difficult to make any changes.

Please stare at the proof long enough to know that this is exactly what you want. It’ll be fantastic, I’m sure! Approve the artwork and we can get started on the t-shirt of your dreams. After your approval, it’s usually too late to make any changes, but if we notice any outstanding issues, we’ll let you know.

5. Production

The fun part begins. Your design hits production queue. It’ll soon be your design’s time in the spotlight with our expert printing crew. We’re excited, too!

6. Shipping/Pick-Up

When your print is finally done, we’ll let you know. Your shirts will be neatly stacked and packed and ready for shipping. If you want to save on cost and time, you’re more than welcome come pick up your order at our physical store location.

After the shirts are in your hand, you’re free to do what you want with your wonderful custom tee. Wear it, share it; make sure to take care of it! Whatever you do, we know you’ll be satisfied with the hard work we all put into it. 

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