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Vinyl Printing

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Vinyl is a nice, economical way of personalizing a custom t-shirt. We can cut your cool custom design out of sheets of colored vinyl or specialty rolls like glitter and metallic foil. Heat Transfer Vinyl can be printed on different types of fabric, including cotton, poly/cotton blend, and polyester, so you can easily put number on your team’s jerseys, print your name or message cleanly on a t-shirt, or just boldly display some stylish artwork to a terrific t-shirt.


The Benefits of Heat Transfer Vinyl are:

  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Applicable to many types of fabric
  • A good way to add special effects to a design, such as glitter and metallic foil
  • Ideal for simple designs
    • Limit of up to 4 colors
  • Great for small orders, no minimum required
  • Perfect for personalization, jerseys, and logos

The Vinyl Printing Process

We cut your design out of special heat transfer vinyl. We then transfer the vinyl design to a garment with a heat treatment. The process must be done layer-by-layer, color-by-color.

Vinyl Color Selection

We have an entire rainbow of vinyl colors to choose from. You can select from our large stock of vinyl colors, with hues ranging from pastel to neon and special effects like metallic and glitter.

Vinyl printing is the best choice for your custom tee if you have a relatively simple design with only 1 to 4 colors. There is no minimum order on vinyl prints, but the process can be very time-consuming, so it's ideal for small orders. For larger orders, please look into our Screen Printing service


These shirts all feature designs made using Heat Transfer Vinyl. Note the bold shapes and special effects such as gold and glitter.


Submitting Your Design for Heat Transfer Vinyl

To get the vinyl process started, we first need a digital version of your design that follows these simple guidelines:

  • File Format:
    • Vector Files: EPS, SVG, AI, PDF
    • Raster Files: PSD, TIF, PNG, JPG, PDF
  • Resolution:
    • at least 300 DPI at the size you wish to be printed
  • Colors:
    • For Vinyl: 4 or fewer colors

If you submit a raster file like a JPG or PNG, we will need to convert it to a vector format before we can begin the vinyl printing process. 

We’ll send you an example of what the final artwork will look like, and once you’re happy with it, we can begin converting your design to a vinyl print. 

If any of that was confusing to you, don’t worry! Just let us know you need help, and we will be happy to assist you!


Heat Transfer Vinyl FAQ

Why should I choose Heat Transfer Vinyl for my custom shirt instead of Direct to Garment or Screen Printing?

Heat transfer vinyl is ideal for simple designs with a limited color palette. DTG and screen printing can be picky about what kind of fabric you print on, but vinyl can be applied to a larger variety of fabrics, including cotton blend and polyester. If you’re looking to print higher detailed designs with unlimited colors, Direct to Garment (DTG) printing works best with 100% cotton fabric. Screen Printing is the ideal method for large orders. 

Is there a minimum order on vinyl printed t-shirts?

There is no minimum order on vinyl printed tees. If you want just 1, you can get just 1!

How do I provide you my design?

In order for us to cut your design out of vinyl, we require a vector version of your design, which you can submit to us in a format like AI, EPS, or SVG. If you only have a raster version of your design (such as a simple JPG or PNG), then we will need to convert that to a vector format. For best results, make sure your image is a high resolution file, recommended at least 300 DPI at the size you want printed.

What kind of t-shirts can you apply vinyl designs to?

The beauty of vinyl is that it is applicable to many types of fabric. Heat transfer vinyl is not only limited to cotton shirts, but can also be applied to synthetic materials, like cotton blend and polyester, making them ideal for customizing athletic wear and sports jerseys. We have a large selection of clothing types to choose from.

Can I provide my own shirts for heat transfer vinyl?

Yes! There’s nothing like personalizing a shirt that’s actually your own! Since vinyl can be applied to a variety of fabrics, you can bring in your own shirt in for vinyl printing.

Is there a limit to the colors my design can have with vinyl?

Vinyl prints work best for designs that have 1 to 4 different colors. You can select colors from our large collection of vinyl and specialty prints to match your design.

For unlimited colors and more complex designs, please consider our Direct to Garment printing service.

Can you apply vinyl to dark/black shirts?

Yes! The Heat Transfer Vinyl process can be applied to dark shirts as easily as lighter-colored garments.

How long does the vinyl design last?

It should last as long as the fabric it’s printed on does. Vinyl can even outlive the shirt itself, since it’s not technically a part of the fabric. The general rules you can follow are to wash it inside out without harsh detergents and air dry when possible. If you need to iron it, iron the garment inside out.

Got any more questions?

If your question wasn’t answered here, you can contact us via phone or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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