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Full Color Screen Printing

If you have a complex, detailed design with many colors that needs to be screen printed, we can achieve that using specialized techniques for full color screen prints, specifically the use of halftones.

If you look at something like a magazine page or a newspaper up close, you’ll notice the images are made up for a bunch of tiny dots of different colors. These are halftones. When these halftones are place next to each other, our brain mixes the colors together, giving the appearance of the desired color. We can use a similar process in screen printing to achieve a great variety of hues using only a few colors, allowing us to screen print gradients, hand-drawn artwork, and even full-color photographs onto a shirt.

CMYK Printing

In this very traditional process we can produce a full-color screen print with a limited color palette using specifically 4 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. We separate the colors in your design into these categories using computer software and then print it to a garment using special 4-color process inks. These inks are semi-transparent, allowing the colors to print wet-on-wet and easily overlap and blend together to form the required color.

CMYK printing works best on light-colored garments as the color variations don’t stand out as much on dark-colored fabric.

Simulated Process Printing

Simulated Process Printing is very similar to CMYK printing, but it’s more advanced as the palette is not limited to the 4 CMYK colors. We can use our normal plastisol inks with this technique and up to 8 different colors. This process works well on both light and dark-colored garments. 

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