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Band / Orchestra

Custom T-Shirt Printing

Create your own custom Band / Orchestra t-shirt with our online designer tool to add your own artwork and text. You can also Request a Quote for more detailed requests.

  • Wholesale Custom Marching Band T Shirts

    The marching band is one unit, all in step, literally marching to beat of the same drum. That sense of unity can only be enhanced with matching custom marching band t-shirts. When you go to competition, represent your school’s marching band with a unique custom shirt design. We can print your own custom design or you can make one with our online t-shirt designer. We can print your order at wholesale prices for the whole band!

  • Make Your Own Funny Orchestra Shirts

    Why is it that musical puns are so easy to make? I consider them my forte.  Was that joke a little flat? Maybe I should give it a rest. Anyway, you could look pretty sharp in a custom funny orchestra shirt of your own design. Use our online t-shirt designer to make a design using jokes and puns of your own or upload your own artwork. Or don’t use puns at all. They might get in you treble.

  • Fast Personalized High School Band T-Shirts

    If you want to celebrate getting section leader, drum major, or maybe need a present idea for your band director or supportive band parent, consider getting a personalized band t-shirt! You can put your name, section, school name, and more on a custom shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, tanktop, or polo! Being in a band is all about being loud and proud, so do it with what you wear and not just what you play.

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