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Embroidery Design Tips

Embroidery is a very unique decoration technique, so even outside of digitizing, there’s a need for some finesse when designing a logo for embroidery.

Make Sure Text Isn’t Too Small

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Be Careful With Thin Lines and Details

Embroidering thin lines can be tricky as they must be created using a series of very thin stitches, and stitching is typically thicker than a regular ink print. Some of this fine detail can get lost in embroidery, so it’s better to go with simpler, stylized designs rather than designs with a lot of intricate details.

Avoid Color Gradients and Shadows

Color gradients and shadows can be difficult to re-create using thread colors, so solid colors are the best way to go for embroidery.

Bold and Beautiful

Basically the best types of designs for embroidery are simple, bold designs with solid colors. Something too detailed it’s not really suitable for embroidery.

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