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  • December 07, 2020
  • Posted By : Prachi Rawat

Top 5 T-Shirt Trends of 2020

One must have noticed that trends come and go over the years. The type of tees you wear to define your choice and taste. So, if you want to show your unique attitude and personality, design your t-shirts. Our brand CustomteesDFW provides a collection of trendy and good quality custom-made es which are available in a variety of colors. We have also come up with 5 T-Shirt design trends that ruled in 2020.

1. Nature-Inspired T-Shirts Nature-inspired t-shirt designs are likely to be in a huge trend in 2020 because the influence of the environment, as well as nature, has increased on designers as well as other people in the past few years. This year has seen various designs ranging from big floral prints to natural textures like furs. This year has brought interesting and refreshing earthly prints with itself. T-shirts which are inspired by animal-inspired prints like butterfly wings or dragonfly are also in fashion. The best part of having a tee with a nature-inspired design is that it is multi-seasonal.

2. Cartoon Tees Are Back! T-shirts that have cartoon characters on them are back in the trend. Cartoon-themed T-shirts are likely to take over all the designs this year as they are humorous and full of excitement. If you like funny tees and you are young at heart, you should add one or two of these tees to your wardrobe and it will surely make heads turn! Tees with this design may either have cartoon characters printed on them or may just be colorful so that overall, the tee looks comical.

3. Black is the new gothic Another custom t-shirt design trend which you must surely look out for in 2020 is the gothic designs! The gothic design inspired t-shirts usually use a few elements of mystery to create unique graphic designs. These designs have been creating excitement among consumers for a long time now. The tees with these designs will use mysterious and dark elements like pirate skulls, illustrated mythical sea creatures, ancient seascapes, vintage typography graphic Japanese waves as well as rope.

4. Feathered Fantasy In this t-shirt design, the colors or the exotic nature of feathers can be taken as a source of inspiration. Either the feather design can be used alone or it can be used in a combination with the other design elements. Tees with this particular design can have images of so