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  • November 22, 2020
  • Posted By : Prachi Rawat

6 pro tips for designing the trendiest Custom T-shirts

New fashion trends pop up every season. While fashionable street styles are popular, comfort wear has been in trend for a very long especially, in case one wants to go for a casual look. When it comes to custom t-shirts, every person loves them because it can be both styled up to look prepped-up for parties and styled down to a simpler look as per the need of the hour. It has emerged as a versatile and original piece of clothing that can be easily incorporated into various outfits to achieve a different look like one can also style a tee to get a semi-formal look with a blazer and chinos. No matter whether the design is graphic or it is an over-sized tee, both men and women love to wear tees especially, when you can get your own custom designs without compromising on good quality yet affordable products. Our brand offers a variety of custom apparel, available in various kinds of styles and colors.

Want to rock the boho-chic look?
Order our tie-dye tees in exotic colors and patterns. We offer free shipping, exclusive artworks & fonts, guaranteed delivery dates, and free design review. These custom printed tees have been used by various individuals and organizations for campaigning, promoting, or advertising. So, designing custom
tees with proper knowledge has become crucial! With the right design and strategy, these tees can become a good marketing tool for a company.

So, here are some pro tips which will help you to master the art of designing custom garments!

Evaluate your concept properly.
Roughly sketch out your design. Do brainstorm and create few variations of the design and be open when it comes to exploring creative ideas.

Imagine the design on the actual garment.
A design looks different on screen than when it is actually printed on cloth. So, print out the design on paper and place it on a tee to decide the placement. Always see the artwork in the actual size as it gives an accurate idea about the design.

Balance the artwork.
Although detailing looks good but so does the basic designs. So, make sure that the artwork is well balanced. Too much detailing can confuse the human eye and the artwork may look extravagant. A design that puts forth the message in the simplest form is the new trend.

Choose the right colors.
Try experimenting with different colors. You may place the print out on various base colors to determine the best suitable base color. Try choosing complementary colors for the design.

Educate yourself.
Software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe photoshop provides a user-friendly workspace where you can easily design and color your artwork with accuracy. In case you are a beginner, do not forget to refer to the online tutorials.

Research properly
If you are designing an artwork based on let’s say, pop culture then you must ensure to do enough research and understand the topic before starting to design! 


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