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Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most economical and practical printing techniques when it comes to reproducing the same image on a large number of items. During the setup process, a stencil is burned on a framed screen, which is later employed to transfer ink onto any type of garment. The result of this process is apparel that will look great and last long – Custom Tees guarantees! – making screen printing an excellent solution for groups, teams, organizations and companies alike.

Ink Types

Choose carefully the variety of ink you want to see on your items – our aim here at Custom Tees is to provide you exactly the T-shirt of your dreams!

  • Water Based Ink

    Water Based Ink is an eco-friendly variety of ink that is not laid on top of your garment's fabric, but pushed straight into the fibers. This makes for a print that is very soft to the touch and that looks especially great.

  • Plastisol Ink

    Plastisol ink is the most common kind of ink used in screen printing. It is made of PVC, with an oil base to grant viscosity. Plastisol ink looks great on any kind of garment and is especially resistant, which makes it very durable.

Special Effects

Here at Custom Tees we provide a variety of special effects you can choose for your items. Make your shirts stand out in any crowd and at any event!

  • Discharge Printing

    Bring back the natural color of your shirt with Custom Tees' Discharge Printings, which will guarantee a soft, cool and natural .

  • High Density Printing

    Add character and texture to your shirts with Custom Tees' High Density Printing! High density inks will make your prints.

  • Puff Printing

    Puff Printing is a great way to give a nice nostalgia look to your shirts! Our Custom Tees puff prints look like they were made .

  • Gel Printing

    Custom Tees' Gel Printing is an excellent way of giving your shirts an original, fluid look! This soft, bulgy effect is especially appro.

  • Glow in the Dark Printing

    Light up the night with Custom Tees' own Glow in the Dark prints! This printing will make sure your shirts stand out even in the .

  • Glitter Printing

    Custom Tees' glimmer prints will make your shirts sparkle like a starry sky! Glitter inks are Plastisol inks with tiny metallic flakes.

  • Foil Printing

    Custom Tees' Foil Printing is guaranteed to catch the eye! Give your shirts a nice shiny look with one of our Foil Printing options.

  • Soft Hand Printing

    Soft Hand Printing is an especially soft kind of printing that provides an excellent feeling to the touch, and is amazingly.

Full Color Printing

Full Color Printing is the ideal choice if you want complex, life like images to look as good on your T-shirt as they do on your PC screen. Here at Custom Tees we provide two different options for client who are interested in Full Color Printing.

  • Simulated Process Printing

    Not unlike CMYK, Simulated Process Printing uses a finite number of colors to reproduce an almost infinite array of nuances and shades, creating an awesome, brilliant result that will turn any T-shirt into a real piece of art. The colors used in Simulated Process Printing are 9 instead of 4, which .

  • CMYK Printing

    CMYK is a printing technique that reproduces life like images on fabric by using only four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black; thus the name of the printing technique. CMYK works great on white and natural fabrics, while it can prove tricky on darker garments. The final effect is nothing short.

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