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Digital / Vinyl Printing

Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to Garment Printing is actually as simple of a process as its name suggests. Using a special ink printer – not much different from your home printer! – The Custom Tees team will print the design of your preference on any piece of garment. The ink from our printer will bind itself with the fibers of your cotton T-shirt, and it will then be dried by heat. The process only takes a few minutes, it is cheap, and it is really easy to set up, making Direct to Garment Printing the perfect choice if you need a small number of items with lots of colors on the artwork. Direct to Garment Printing uses a combination of four basic inks called CMYK, from the name of these four basic colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (K stands for 'key color'). These colors will look perfect on white fabric, which means that if you want us to print your design on a colored shirt, we'll need to print a white base first to work upon. Direct to Garment Printing is a fast way of printing on one or a few shirts – much faster than other techniques, like Screen Printing. Still, Screen Printing is a more economical choice if you need to have a large number of items made, as the inks used in Direct to Garment Printing can be quite costly. Here at Custom Tees we are ready to help you choose the best option for your order.

  • Limitations Of Direct To Garment Printing

    Not convenient when in need of a large number of items. Works best on white garments – colored g..
  • Benefits Of Direct To Garment Printing

    Very fast set-up – an excellent choice if you only need a few items made. No minimum amount requ..

Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

Vinyl Printing is a very economic printing technique that allows the Custom Tees team to provide you with as many T-shirts as you need to promote your business, show your support for your kids' sports team, celebrate an incredible birthday or event, and much much more. Vinyl designs usually only feature one or two colors, but if you are looking for full color printing, fear not – here at Custom Tees we have many more options for you to choose from. If you choose Vinyl Printing, you will be able to pick your favorite among a huge selection of colors and effects. Do you want your shirt to sparkle brighter than a star? Or do you want a cool glow-in-the-dark effect? Here at Custom Tees we've got exactly what you need!

  • Limitations of Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing:

    Not the best choice if your design features many colors, especially if they overlap in many places. As..
  • Benefits of Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing:

    Vinyl Printing is very cheap – choosing window graphic, we can print your shirts at a minimum price pe..

Choices of Colors and Patterns

The Custom Tees team offers you a wide variety of options for your Vinyl Printing designs! Will you go for something classy and simple, or will you aim at a more original look? Your T-shirts will look great in any case!

  • Hologram Print

    A nice futuristic look that will be a pleasure ..
  • Fashion Print

    For those who don't fear to dare, and to gi..
  • Metallic Foil

    A cool look for your shirt, bright and shiny an..

Glow in the Dark

For those who don't fear the night, and want to impress even when it's dark!

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